About Us

El-Tex Industries was founded in 1973 as a manufacturer of custom electrical control panels for industrial, utility, and contractor based clients. We have 40 years of experience assembling electrical panels with over 4000 completed projects and installations in more than 22 countries. El-Tex has assembled products that operate customer-designed manufacturing processes and protect end users' equipment for use in food, beverage, automotive, chemical, paper, textile, and pharmaceutical industries. Our customers include engineering firms, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and utility companies.

El-Tex is a UL listed shop for industrial control panels (UL 508A, File # E143938), industrial control panels with intrinsically safe circuit extensions to Class I Groups A, B, C and D, Class II, Groups E, F, and G and Class III hazardous locations (UL698A NRBX, File # E365605), and industrial control panels located in Class I Division 1 Explosion-Proof and Purged/Pressurized Type X and Division 2 Purged/Pressurized Type Z and Nonincendive hazardous locations (NNNY, File # E365604). El-Tex's portfolio of certifications allows us to meet a broad range of our customers' labeling requirements and provide the end users with listed equipment that meets UL's safety requirements.

Our business philosophy, customer service, in-house capabilities, and physical setup has enabled El-Tex to provide products and services to our customers at the highest quality level, on schedule, and at a competitive price. Our long standing customers understand and acknowledge the value we add to their projects. Those projects are supported by a Quality Control system and documentation which is available in various formats including AutoCAD and Microstation.

We have a team of people that have been working together for many years, and their experience is one of our key discriminators. The project management staff has been employed at El-Tex for an average of 22 years and the shop foreman and job leaders have and average length of employment of 18 years.

El-Tex has progressively grown over the years to its present 10,000 square foot facility located in Baltimore, Maryland. Our facility allows us to handle projects of any size. We encourage you to view our products and see the variety of panels and controls El-Tex has produced over the years. Contact us for additional information or quotes. Put Our Quality In Your Control.